Time to Celebrate, Reflect and Rest

This week John Benwell, Principal Advisor Learning and Teaching, College of Design and Social Context wraps up for 2014.

The seats are all empty, as holidays begin. Photo Credit, jwbenwell@flickr

The seats are all empty, as holidays begin at RMIT University. Photo Credit: jwbenwell@flickr


The tables are all free in the cafeteria, and there is a strange quietness around the university as students prepare to graduate next week.

For all our northern hemisphere readers, it may seem odd that the teaching tomtom is now having a break until late February 2015. We have just completed our academic year here in Australia, and so with the combination of holidays and good summer weather, we take a break from work and reflect and recover from another busy year.

Before we go on leave, the last event on the university calendar is to say congratulations and goodbye to our graduates, and bestow upon them their well deserved academic awards at graduation. As a city university, students and staff process down the main street of Melbourne and are greeted by city’s Lord Mayor and our Vice Chancellor, before the evening graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony is held in an under-cover football stadium with approximately 6000 students graduating and an audience of approximately 30,000. It is a truly magnificent moment for Melbourne, RMIT University, its staff, graduates, their family and friends.

Here is a short video of our academic and graduate parade.

The teaching tomtom has had a tremendous year in 2014. We have enjoyed and benefited from every post and everyone’s constructive comments.

From our first post in 2014  First Impressions by Jon Hurford, to our last post by Thembi Mason, on Teaching Fellowships we have a very enjoyable year publishing our blog posting 33 posts over the year to our friends and colleagues. Our most popular post was a great article on “The Art of Questioning” by Associate Professor Andrea Chester. We now have readers in over 140 countries.

During the year we have had many regular and guest writers who we wish to thank for their time and interest in helping us make the tom tom drums beat regularly. Sadly we said goodbye to the tomtom’s editor, Jon Hurford who left RMIT and went back to secondary teaching. Good luck, and thanks Jon!

Finally we would like to thank you, our readers; some 560 bloggers, 828 twitter followers and 31 facebook followers who have read, shared, re-blogged and left comments for us.

From everyone in the Learning and Teaching unit; and many others in the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT University, have a happy, safe holiday, and take some time to relax and reflect on your year of teaching and researching. Oh, and don’t forget to check out some of our archive posts at the teaching tomtom.

See you in 2015!

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