eBooks and Twitter: from L&T to research

Posted by: Rebekha Naim, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University.

This is from a presentation given at the monthly teachers@work, L&T seminars, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University.

Establish your reputation by publishing online and watch it go viral!

self-portrait with portable devices © Jenny Weight: geniwate.com

© Jenny Weight: geniwate.com

When Jenny Weight, lecturer in Media and Communications and post-graduate supervisor, grabs her laptop, tablet or smart phone she does extraordinary things. At a teachers@work session she showed us how. She links her research which is published online to her Twitter account. This then becomes ‘live’ research as she uses the tweets to further inform her work.

Jenny teaches in the area of networked and convergent media at both graduate and post-graduate level in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT. Her recent research has focussed on the sociology of media device use in the area of pedagogy and networked media.

She uses iBooks and eBooks in combination with Twitter as a way of researching, teaching and disseminating her research.

Jenny publishes her research on Apple’s iBooks format which can include video, audio and interactive media, making it a richer experience for students.

Being on the cutting-edge means that not everything is perfect. The current reality is the iBooks store approval process is time consuming and learning the layout software is complex. Also, not all of the students are able to read the work so a pdf version is necessary.

However Jenny got canny! She now publishes the pdf files on her blog then advertises them via twitter to a ‘doco research’ hashtag (#), each created specifically for that research. When Jenny first did this, her research took on a life of its own – some retweeted, others blogged, still others scooped it, and before she knew it, Jenny Weight’s blog page had 20 000 hits!

Inspired? Want to know more? Please have a look at Jenny’s presentation. She would love to hear from you: http://geniwate.com/?p=2621

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