Room computer is now active…

Posted by: Megan McPherson, L&T Group, Design and Social Context College, RMIT.

A new smartboard awaits input at RMIT

(© Megan McPherson)

After reading Spiros’ post from a couple of weeks ago, and sitting in on some professional development sessions in the Swanston Academic Building SAB practice room and in the Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) space in Applied Science, I thought I would have a look for what else is available for Audio-Visual (AV) training at RMIT.

Self serve…
There is a set of RMIT training videos that are step-by-step guides in getting different equipment up and running. As a first step, the videos are informative and simple to follow:

Where to get help…
As new learning and teaching spaces come online, RMIT has set up a classification system depending on the AV equipment and the collaborative functionality of the space. This is where your friendly AV services support person comes in handy to make sense of the AV technology. Some of the AV enabled teaching spaces have been customized to work in a particular room and some have just been updated. So it is a good idea to make an appointment with AV services to get the rundown of any differences and to get comfortable with the room you are teaching in before the new semester starts.

Taking it further with collaborative tools…
Both the SAB practice room and the TEAL space in Applied Science have different capabilities that enable different types of collaborations. In the SAB practice room we tried out the software tools that enable collaboration, sharing and archiving work within groups and the class.

A blue screen points students to the web login for their group

Colour-coded screens point students to their appropriate working groups
   (© Megan McPherson)

In the scenes shown above, each of the collaborative groups had a screen with a particular colour and students linked into the system through a web address. I particularly liked that each of the screens had whiteboards next to them; if the technology fails, there is always a whiteboard and a smartphone photograph to document the activity for further collaboration.

For a list of the teaching spaces with new AV equipment, check out this AV teaching spaces with new technology list. To find out more about the classifications see the pdf- RMIT Design Standards- Section 11- Audio Visual.

Additional technical support…
If you want more support and training to take advantage of the audio visual capabilities of  any of the AV enabled teaching spaces contact Audio Visual Services and check out the videos above.

For urgent AV assistance, please call the audiovisual support line on tel. 9925 3316 during IT Service Desk hours of operation.

For general AV enquiries, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Share your thoughts and impressions of the new spaces or anything related to AV and collaboration in the comments!

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